Appreciation Lunch

Appreciation Lunch
Posted on 11/13/2018
Appreciation LunchOn Thursday, November 8th our Educational Assistants, Early Childhood Educators, Office Manager, Student Support Councilor and Head Custodian were all treated to an amazing lunch in the "Fine Dining" room at Odessa!

They were greeted by students in white shirts and ties holding Hawaiian lei necklaces. The theme of the event was tropical and included tropical napkins and homemade center pieces.

Our lunch was to served to honour these amazing staff members who work hard every day in our building. They had an hour to chat with each other with no interruptions or yard duty! 

THANK YOU Mrs. Tucker, Mr. Richmond, Ms. Provost, Ms. Silver, Mrs. Grigg, Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. McAuley, Mrs. Decaire, Mrs. Grant, Mr. Healey & Mrs. Maracle York!