April 3rd Walk for KidsInc

Walk for Emmett and KidsInc
Posted on 03/21/2019
Odessa Fundraiser for KidsIncOn Tuesday, we sent home a letter explaining our latest school initiative! We are thrilled to announce that Emmett, a grade 2 boy at Odessa PS is one of the KidsInc ambassador's for the 23rd annual WALK/RUN that raises money for this amazing program!

On Wednesday, April 3rd our school will start the day with an assembly about diversity and acceptance of ALL. After first recess, we will start our walk around the town of Odessa! Please send in pledge forms on or before April 3rd. We hope Emmett's fundraising goals can be met or exceeded!

Monday, March 18th, 2019

Dear Parent(s) and Guardian(s),


We are thrilled to announce that Emmett, a grade 2 student at OPS, is the KidsInclusive child ambassador this year! You might have seen information posters for the 23rd Annual KidsInclusive Run/Walk throughout Kingston and surrounding area with a superhero picture of Emmett. Many Odessa staff have signed up for the Walk on Sunday, April 7th and we encourage you to join us, but we want to show even more support for Emmett and KidsInclusive by running our own Fundraising Walk!

On Wednesday, April 3rd we will celebrate the diversity of all students at Odessa Public School! We will start with an assembly at 8:30 am that will celebrate Emmett and showcase a guest speaker from Queens University’s Happy Soul Project. We will also have a speaker that will discuss Autism Spectrum Disorder and how it affects children and their families.

World Down Syndrome day is Thursday, March 21st and it is celebrated with a “Rock your Socks” event where students wear cool socks to show diversity.  World Autism Day is Tuesday, April 2nd and is celebrated as “Light it up BLUE” where students wear to blue to support Autism and the KidsInclusive Run/Walk Fundraiser shows Emmett with a Super Hero cape. So, we are going to combine all of these events into an Odessa Super Hero Walk showcasing outfits with unique socks, a cape and a rainbow of colours!

After first recess, staff will greet their classes outside. We will make our way to the tennis courts and will start our community walk around Odessa to show diversity and demonstrate acceptance of all.  Emmett will lead the walk with his class! And best of all we will raise money for KidsInclusive and help Emmett give back to the people who have helped him!

How can you help? Make a cape out of a towel? Wear bright colours? Rock your socks? And, consider donating money to help Emmett surpass his wildest fundraising dreams! The pledge form for our event is attached. Donations above $20 will receive a tax receipt.

Please consider putting Odessa and Emmett on the map by celebrating our differences and helping KidsInclusive reach their wildest fundraising goals! Send your donations to the school or go to and donate to Team Emmett!



The Odessa Public School Staff



Odessa Public School KidsInclusive Fundraiser

On Wednesday, April 3rd at 10:15, our school will walk around Odessa to raise money on behalf of our grade 2 student Emmett,

who is a child ambassador for the

23rd Annual Walk/Run for KidsInclusive at Hotel Dieu Hospital in Kingston.


Name of Student: __________________________________ Teacher: ____________________________



Name (First and Last)

$ Amount






























*If donations are above $20 you will receive a tax receipt





What is KidsINC?

KidsInclusive, formerly known as the Child Development Centre, is located at Hotel Dieu Hospital site of Kingston Health Sciences Centre in Kingston, Ontario and is one of 21 Children’s Treatment Centres in Ontario. For over 40 years we have proudly provided rehabilitation and support services for children and youth with physical, neurological and/or developmental challenges in the Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington counties as well as communities in Lanark, Leeds and Grenville counties.