Clan Event Success!

Clan Event a Success!
Posted on 05/27/2019
Well done, CLANS!On Friday, the Tigers met in their Clan Groups for an epic challenge!

Our assembly started with the introduction of the 14 Clans. At the first Clan event, each team went to the "Bucket of Sorts" to pull out the theme of their Clan.  In the bucket were the 10 provinces, 3 Territories and Ottawa. Here is a list of the Clan names the teams chose.

Rocky Rams

On”stopable Ontario Beavers

Nunavut Narwals

The “Fun”dy Taters

British Columbia Bears

Newfoundland and Labrador Puffins

Northwest Northern Lights

Ottawa OGs

Saskatchewan Rough Riders

Nova Scotia Royal Lions

Diamond Yukon Huskies

Manitoba Flintabbat

Poutine Dream Team

PEI Potatoes

After the cheering died down, we presented the results of the last TOWN HALL and discussed our future goals for our school. We have seen an improvement in kindness, respect and swearing but still have some work to do with hands on and being respectful to supply teachers.

Following the Town Hall results we handed out the ribbons from Track and Field. It was great to hear the Clans cheer for their clanmates!

The final and most exciting part of the assembly was the "How well do you know your school and the staff" Kahoot!

The teams were very enthusiastic and the competition was steep! There were 30 questions and most of the teams were quick and correct!

The winning team was The Saskatchewan Rough Riders and second place was the Ottawa OGs!

It was a great assembly and a fabulous way to start of our weekends! Well done, Tigers!