JUNE 2021 - End of Year Item Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Posted on 06/17/2021
End of School year

Hello Tiger Families!

As the school year is nearing the end, I wanted to communicate arrangements for the pick-up of student items and report cards and for the drop off of school technology and resources.

Classroom teachers will be communicating to you a timeslot on Wednesday or Thursday of next week for you to come to the school to pick up and drop off items. To facilitate this happening, asynchronous work will be assigned for these days and teachers will communicate when they will be online those days for students who have questions.  Final whole class sessions will take place on Tuesday, in order for all students to participate at the same time.

The pick-up/drop-off schedule is posted below. Should the timeslot offered to you by the classroom teacher not work for your family, please contact the office to set up another time on Thursday the 24th or Friday the 25th.  We can also arrange for some to have this take place the week following.

In order for the technology to be in place and ready to go in September, it is important that we receive it back prior to the start of summer.  We also wish for students to have any belongings they may have left behind.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the school if you have any questions.

Thanks, and take care,

Darren Seymour


Dates & Times (June 23/24)


Pick-Up / Drop-off Location

Wednesday 9:00-11:00am


Kindergarten Yard Door


Classroom Door (Primary Yard)


Primary Hallway Door (Front of school)


Intermediate Entry Door (east side of school)

Wednesday   11:00 -1:00pm


Primary Yard Door (primary yard)


Primary Hallway Door (front of school)

Van Dyke

Intermediate Entry Door (east side of school)


Back Of School

Wednesday 1:00-3:00pm


Kindergarten Yard Door


Primary/Jr Hallway Door (front of school)


Intermediate Entry Door (east side of school)


Back Of School

Thursday 11:00-1:00pm


Intermediate Entry Door (east side of school)

Thursday 1:00-3:00pm


Classroom Door  (Primary Yard)