Lunch and Milk Programs

Milk Program

Our milk program is in full swing!  Our milk is ordered through the School-Day website, which can be accessed using the link below.

Login to School-Day

We offer white milk and chocolate milk for $1.00.  You have the option of purchasing every day or Fridays only.

(If you have not yet registered your child in School-Day, you will need to contact Mrs. Tucker to obtain your secure match-key code to set up an account.)

Lunch Program

We are pleased to offer PIZZA as our hot lunch option on Wednesdays.  Our pizza is ordered through Papa John's in Kingston.  Pepperoni and cheese slices are available for $3.50 each.  Orders are to be placed through the School-Day website and are purchased MONTHLY in advance.

Login to School-Day

PLEASE NOTE THAT pizza will NOT be available for purchase in the office.  All orders must be placed in advance online.

**We do not have microwaves available at the school for student use.**