Welcome Back to School!

Welcome Back!
Posted on 09/02/2021
Welcome Back Odessa PS!

Welcome Back!!

September 2021


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Welcome back to Odessa PS! We are so looking forward to seeing our students in-person, once again. We hope that everyone has enjoyed the summer break and that you are all ready for a return to school.


As you would already be aware, the resumption of in-person learning will be with most of the same Covid-19 protocols in place that were utilized last year. Fortunately, our students did an outstanding job with the protocols in place last year and, after a review in their classes on the first day back, should be able to make any adjustments fairly quickly.


A quick snapshot of some of the protocols we will be following include:


- all students, except those with a medical exemption, will be masked within the school and on busses. Unless the Health Unit changes their guidance, students will not be required to wear their mask when outside for recesses or Physical Education. They will be required to mask when travelling to and from busses.

- classes will function as cohorts, in the school and on the yards, and we will continue to keep the cohorts separated

- we will continue to maintain as much distancing as is possible within the classroom environment

- students will again be washing/sanitizing their hands frequently throughout the day and before and after the use of any shared materials

- water fountains will remain off but the bottle filling stations will be in operation, so it will be important for each student to have a water bottle

- we will continue to limit the number of students using the hallways at any given time, including for entry and exit to the school


All students, staff, bus drivers, and visitors to our school will be required to fill out the Covid-19 Active Screening Tool each day prior to coming to the school. The link is here: https://covid-19.ontario.ca/school-screening/


For more detailed information regarding the Covid-19 Protocols or any other school based or Limestone DSB information please visit the Odessa PS Website provided in the box below or the website of the Limestone District School Board, provided here: https://www.limestone.on.ca/cms/One.aspx?portalId=352782&pageId=352790


Finally, I would ask that you continue to look through this Smore Update for more important information which follows, particularly the 'First Day of School Plan,' provided below.


Once again, we look forward to the start of school and the return of our students! We are hoping for a great school year ahead.


Sincerely, from your administrative team,

Darren Seymour

Amie Domingo

Susan Tucker

Start of School Plan

Odessa PS is growing! While this is very exciting news, the result will be some temporary growing pains. As I have communicated in years past, a tentative plan is made in June for the next school year. Changes in enrolment over the summer can sometimes significantly alter that plan. In June, we were given an additional class for this year. Our numbers have grown so much over the summer that we may have to add another class! As such, we are likely to have to reorganize our school early in the school year, should we be given additional staff. We are still unsure what plan will be approved for September re-organization. When we know, you will be informed, but it may result in some significant changes to our class structures. We have been working for the past two weeks to make adjustments prior to the start of school, but have had too many students for the number of classes we have. As such, we have created a temporary class to ensure that we have reasonable numbers of students in each class.


When students arrive to school on Tuesday, we will use a similar protocol as last year. Students in Kindergarten should report to the Kindergarten yard at the front of the school, where they will be separated into their classes by the adults present. Students in Grades 1-3 should report to our Primary yard, just to the East of the school, where adults with class lists will assist them. Students in Grades 4-8, should follow the walkway on the West side of the school around to the rear yard, where adults will direct them further. Students on all yards will be divided into their cohorts and taken into the school.


Along with introductions, teachers will spend a part of the day discussing protocols for their class and for the school. We are certain that our students will readily adjust to the routines being put in place, as they did last year. If you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to contact the school.